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Personal Coverage for Athletes

Amateur and semi-professional athletes and small teams require special insurances to focus on training and competition. A-G Administrators offers coverage for injuries that occur during training, practice, play or during events as well as team liability insurances.

Custom plans may feature specialized athlete insurance, coverage for travel to and from officially-sanctioned events, accidental death & dismemberment benefits and liability coverages for coaches and athletic trainers.

Have one of our experienced staff assist you in determining the right solution for you or your athletes or explore our specific insurance solutions we have for individual athletes below.

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Our proprietary, web-based claims management system streamlines the process and defines A-G’s dedication to the athlete. EGBAR stands for Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource but it means everything’s going to be all right. Our Team is here to help you, and EGBAR helps us do that better than anyone else.

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