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Risk Management

Risk management must be a priority as it protects participants as well as the institution or organization. Insurance is just one of a number of tools that comprise a suite of services, policies, procedures and operational standards that comprise a comprehensive risk management plan.

A comprehensive plan combined with the right combination of coverage from A-G Administrators lowers risk and instills confidence in your athletes / participants, parents and coaches that resonates throughout your program. Contact A-G Administrators today to improve your risk management plan and take the first step toward winning.

Sports Injury Risk Consulting

Enhance and proactively manage your student-athletes' injuries on a case-by-case basis.

A-G, in partnership with the Fairly Group and Occunet, has created a solution to streamline claims and management with a single point of contact, the ability to pre-negotiate contracts with medical partners and case agreements when needed, arrange referrals outside of network and facilitate referrals to high-end and concierge level sports medicine specialists.

RxBridge Pharmacy Prescription Plan

Effectively and efficiently manage and monitor your pharmacy program and derive the very best outcomes for your injured athletes.

With features including mobile solutions, full transparency reporting and dashboards, you control your complete solution to ensure the right athlete gets the right medication at the right time.

Sports Athlete Cardiac Screening for Risk Management

The Largest Diagnostic Network in Sports Cardiology.

A-G has partnered with Athletic Heart to provide athletic departments with an affordable, scalable and specialized diagnostic imaging solution for all student athletes. Contact A-G program managers today to learn more!

Sparta Science Sports Injury Prevention Risk Management Insurance

A-G and Sparta Science are working together to provide a solution that will help measure an individual’s readiness for sport, injury risk, and return-to-play timelines.

Optimize health and performance with evidence-based movement scans and data-driven exercise prescriptions that minimize injury risk and speed effective rehabilitation to physical activity. Sparta Science diagnoses risk of injury and instantly prescribes individual plans to determine readiness by targeting specific areas to reduce injury risk and improve physical performance.

Sports Insurance Medical Partnerships

Let A-G Administrators help your institution save money and generate revenue by leveraging our market intelligence and network contacts.

Not only does this benefit the Athletics Department, it extends to other departments at the institution including student and employee health! Contact a program manager today to learn more about this customized service from A-G Administrators!

Our experienced staff will assist you in determining the right solution for your campus.

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Our proprietary, web-based claims management system streamlines the process and defines A-G’s dedication to the athlete. EGBAR stands for Efficiency Generating Business Automation Resource but it means everything’s going to be all right. Our Team is here to help you, and EGBAR helps us do that better than anyone else.

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