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Specialty Insurance Products

A-G Administrators offers related lines of specialized insurance as customized programs for specific groups. Because we excel in covering larger groups of high-performing student athletes, we also effectively cover participants of other groups as well.

Day Care Operator accident and injury insurance

The potential for accidents to happen with groups of young children is real and, unfortunately, sometimes these accidents lead to medical bills.

A-G Administrators helps protect day care businesses by limiting liability when accidents happen while improving coverage and the claims process. If you are seeking accident insurance to offset any expenses, A-G Administrators has a wealth of experience to guide you in the right direction.

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First Responder insurance programs for EMTs, Police, Fire and Emergency groups

They answer the call, now it is time to let them focus on the job at hand and not worry about the dangers associated with responding to an emergency situation.

Our programs for emergency groups, like volunteer fire companies, provide accident, disability, death and dismemberment benefits and various optional benefits such as heart and circulatory malfunction, burn and disfigurement, coma, bereavement and family counseling, burial and cremation, home and vehicle alteration and felonious assault and violent crime as well as many others.

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Pet Insurance

A-G Administrators understands that pets are members of the family and, like the rest of the family, having them insured provides peace of mind.

Pet insurance helps you afford costly veterinarian bills that often come with that special member of your family.

Benefits Include:

  • Visits to ANY licensed vet in the US or Canada

  • Coverage for accidents, illnesses and hereditary and congenital conditions

  • Coverage for alternative therapies and behavioral training

  • Wellness benefit options are also available

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